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One has to go beyond the idea that makes houseplants pretty modern accessories. They not only spruce up a room but also provide countless benefits to your mental health and play an important role in everyday self-care. The most common self-care benefits of plants include brightening up your space, freshening the air, and providing a relaxing setting for other enjoyable activities. For many, gardening is a happy practice, and caring for another living is a positive intention that teaches us to care for ourselves.

Self-care Benefits of Plants #1: Air Purification

The number one benefit of plants is air purification. A large number of plants have detoxifying effects on polluted air and can fight off toxins transforming your living space into a more comfortable, fresh, and clean sanctuary. Evidence is mounting that dirty air can damage your brain and contribute to depression. Time to get yourself some plants!

Self-care Benefits of Plants #2: Calming & Relaxing Effects

Self-care benefits of plants #2: calming & Relaxing effects

You might have heard that plants can help reduce stress and promote feelings of well-being. The good news is that it’s true! A study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology found that participants who took part in a planting task felt calmer, more comfortable, and more relaxed than those who completed a tech-related task. No wonder hospitals surround their patients with plants and flowers to help them have a faster recovery. Gardening or simply daily watering a house plant is an act of mindfulness, a very helpful practice for coping with stress and anxiety that rewards you with its calming effect. A touch of greenery can really boost your well-being especially if you live in an urban area.

Self-care Benefits of Plants #3: Increase Focus & Productivity

Self-care benefits of plants #3: Increase focus & productivity

A study shows that working in offices enriched with plants can boost focus and productivity. Indeed, indoor plants are proven to enhance our ability to concentrate. Moreover, plants provide a healthy, claiming, and positive working environment in which we can increase our capacity for productivity and creative thinking thus improving our attitudes toward our workplace or study office. They not only provide a focal point of interest but also help stimulate the mind and keep it alert, thus presenting you with all factors required for learning and focus. A happy mind is a productive mind! Ready to get your office some greenery?

Self-care Benefits of Plants #4: Sense of Personal Achievement

Self-care benefits of plants #4: Sense of personal achievement

Planting seeds, having the patience to care for and nurture them every day, and watching them grow can bring a huge sense of personal achievement. As human beings, and without exception, we all pursue a joyful and accomplished life. For most of us, attaining our grand goals in life could take up a lifetime, thus we might give up as we just can’t wait to feel happy. I’m not saying that one should stop pursuing great dreams… but seeking fulfillment in the smallest of things will increase your motivation (and patience) to reach your bigger goal. Gardening is the ideal starting place! It literally takes a moment of care to get rewarded with the great benefits of nature.

Self-care Benefits of Plants #5: Improves Social Connections

Self-care benefits of plants #5: Improves social connections

In the digital age, connecting with other people through social media is easy. However, long-term connections are better made in person, and many of us nowadays find it a real challenge. Most people tried planting at least once in their lives. Hence, plants can be a simple default conversation starter that feels safe and secure. Moreover, gardening can be a cool social activity to bond with your family and loved ones. If you like to go to outdoor harvesting activities or pick your plants, you can also meet new people that make you feel like a part of a great plant-loving community.

Self-care Benefits of Plants #6: Provides a Healthy Hobby

Self-care benefits of plants #6: provides a healthy hobby

Gardening and planting have been recently trending on social media and it should come as no surprise. Self-care benefits of plants include but are not limited to: less stress, decreased anxiety, and fatigue, purified air, easier illness, and boosted productivity as well as gives you a sense of accomplishment. If you’re looking for a healthy hobby, then you should consider planting. Nothing’s nicer than picking and customizing your seeds/plants and watching them grow and bloom.

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