If you are interested in contributing to Toward Self Care, we highly appreciate and welcome your valuable insights. Please read the guidelines below to ensure a smooth submission process.

How to Submit

To submit your article or entry, it’s simple!

1. Choosing Your Topic

To write a good article, you need to choose a relevant topic. You can choose any subject that interests you as long as it falls within the topic of “self-care”. Here are some examples to get you started!

  • Prioritizing Mental Health and Well-Being during Academic Life
  • Strategies for Nurturing Self-Esteem and Self-Worth
  • The Role of Sleep in Self-Care
  • Gratefulness Can Improve Your Life
  • The Benefits of Video Games for Self-Care

2. Compose Your Article

Now that you have a good idea, it’s time to develop your article. You should keep the articles original, engaging and use simple english. The lenght of the article should be at least 600 words.

3. Apply Structuring & Formatting Guidelines

Ensure your submission follows our structuring & formatting guidelines:

  1. Your article must be in the form of a list, examples: lists, tips, hacks, etc.
  2. Your article must include headings, example “Self-care Morning Routine Tip #1: Washing your face”
  3. Each section of your article must contain an image.
  4. The images you use should be copyright free (example: Unsplash, Pexels & Pixabay).
  5. You should include links to each image you include in your article .

You can check one of our articles to better understand the structure and formatting.

4. Submit Your Entry

Once done, you can send us your entry as an email attachement to The accepted formats are .docx, .txt and .pdf. We want to credit contributors, so you must include your author name in the email. Optional information that you may include:

  1. Link to your website
  2. Biography

5. Proofreading

We may suggest edits for better SEO or clarity. Be open to refining your work before publication. We will send you suggested edits as a reply to your email. Once you fix them, we will publish your work.

Terms & Conditions

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1. Copyright Ownership

You confirm that you own the copyright to the content provided. Any copyright infringement will be attributed to you. As such, you work should be original and created by you. In case of research, reference must be included in your entry. You should only use copyright free images.

2. Indemnification

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3. Rejection & Removal

You understand that we retain the right to reject or remove entries at our discretion for reasons such as relevance, appropriateness, or violation of our Terms & Conditions.

4. Limitation of Responsibility

You agree that we will not be held responsible if a third party copies, redistributes, or republishes the entry you publish on this site.

We highly encourage you to review the details on our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditons before submitting any work.

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