autumn season self-care

The autumn season is a natural time for reflection and gratitude. It is a season of change as nature transitions from the summer’s heat to the winter’s cold. For many of us, autumn is a busy time but it should also be an opportunity for some seasonal self-care. Here is a list of things you can do for your autumn season self-care and yes… It does include pumpkins! because why not?

Autumn Season Self-care #1: Enjoy the Fall Foliage

Autumn Season Self-care enjoy the fall foilage

You’re never too old to enjoy the sight of the colorful fall foliage all around your neighborhood. Have some autumn fun and get in touch with the creative, fun, and loving parts of yourself. Whether you feel happy just watching them while taking a walk in your local park or lay yourself down on the leaves and taking pictures, it’s all good! You do you.

Autumn Season Self-care #2: Bake Pumpkin Bread

Autumn Season Self-care bake pumpkin bread

For some of you, this smells familiar. For others, this sounds weird! Trust us, pumpkin bread is a one-way ticket to a happy and healthy autumn morning. You can have it all for yourself or share it with loved ones and enjoy the great aroma of bread coupled with this amazing seasonal fruit. If you have never made it before, here’s a guide recipe to get you started.

Autumn Season Self-care #3: Have a Warm Cup of Tea

Autumn Season Self-care have a warm cup of tea

Whether you’re having one of those chilly mornings or just looking for some stress-free time, drinking Jasmine, Rose, or Chamomile tea is the one thing you wouldn’t want to miss out on this autumn season. If you feel daring, you could even try a yerba mate that helps relieve fatigue and stress.

Autumn Season Self-care #4: Cold and Flu Prevention

Autumn Season Self-care cold and flu prevention

Self-care does not always come in the form of exciting activities. It also means taking care of your health and body! Autumn is the season for colds and flu and it’s better to take some basic preventive steps because well… who likes to fall ill? You show love to yourself by washing your hands regularly, eating healthy, staying hydrated, and getting your seasonal doctor’s checkup to get your flu shot if needed. If you do get sick, staying home, going to the doctor, and taking the prescribed medicine is all part of the self-love you can provide yourself to get a smoother and easier recovery.

Autumn Season Self-care #5: Indulge in Pumpkin Spice Latte

Autumn Season Self-care indulge in pumpkin spice latte

It’s that time of the year again! You get to enjoy this magical seasonal drink. Indeed, the pumpkin spice latte has become an essential autumn beverage for many! In addition to the great taste of Pumpkin spice, the aroma, odor and pleasant feeling of nostalgia make it the perfect autumn self-care beverage. Never tried or heard about pumpkin spice latte? You’ll find this Starbucks article interesting.

Autumn Season Self-care #6: Look for Recipes with Mushrooms

Autumn Season Self-care look for recipes with murshrooms

Autumn is the peak season for fresh mushrooms and you’ll find them in all supermarkets. Now is the perfect time to look for mushroom-based recipes. Indulge yourself in this unique earthy, lightly woodsy, meaty flavor. Mushrooms provide multiple benefits to your health including but not limited to a healthy immune system and a lower level of cholesterol. If you don’t know where to start, a simple garlic-butter mushroom recipe is all you need! Otherwise, you can take a look at this mushroom-based recipe guide.

Autumn Season Self-care #7: Take a Walk

Autumn Season Self-care take a walk

Take a walk outside, splash in the puddles, swish through the leaves on the ground, and watch the mesmerizing colors of autumn leaves as they slowly fall down. The smell of earth becomes stronger with the first drops. Nature is beautiful during this season and walking in your local park or forest has many health benefits both physical and mental. Don’t forget to enjoy the last bit of warm weather. The best part? It’s completely free!

Autumn Season Self-care #8: Try Knitting

Autumn Season Self-care try knitting

To some knitting may sound boring but let me try to convince you why it’s a great activity for self-care during the autumn season. Recent scientific studies and surveys were carried out to confirm that knitting reduces stress, increases self-esteem and well-being, enhances creativity, and simply makes you feel happy. Science placed aside, I just find it exciting to go pick my own wool colors and experiment with new ideas. You can knit scarves, wool caps, bags, and much more! As a bonus, you don’t only get to wear something you created yourself and gifted to yourself but also save money at the same time! If you need some knitting advice, make sure to go through this beginner knitting guide.

Autumn Season Self-care #9: Bake a Pie

Autumn Season Self-care bake a pie

There’s nothing like the aroma of fresh, hot pie with its flaky, golden crust. A rich autumn flavor that will leave you wanting more. Baking pies is very rewarding and it’s one of the autumn specialties you can cook for yourself. Be it pumpkin, fig, lemon, or apple, it never fails to attract an eager crowd. It’s a nice opportunity to invite your friends or family over to connect with them over a delicacy you made with your own hands.

Autumn Season Self-care #10: Pick Nice Scarves & Warm Socks

Autumn Season Self-care nice scarves

Like most people, your sock drawer is probably crowded with a wide variety of styles and colors. Your Scarves are either scattered or out of reach. Time to get them tidy and nice as the cold is just around the corner. It’s only an act of self-love to have them all at your disposal once needed. Now, all you have to do is decide which scarf/sock you’d like to wear. Just what you need to keep yourself warm and in a peaceful state of mind.

Autumn Season Self-care #11: Complete Jigsaw Puzzles

Autumn Season Self-care complete jigsaw

Completing a puzzle or solving riddles offers not just a distraction but also a mental reward. It might also help alleviate stress when bundled with some relaxing music. Moreover, it can provide a morale boost and an escape from day-to-day stressors and anxiety. People of all ages enjoy completing jigsaw puzzles and it’s a great opportunity to spend some time with family and friends. What better time to get to do some puzzles than when you can’t go outdoors?

Autumn Season Self-care #12: Collect Colorful Leaves

Autumn Season Self-care collect colorful leaves

You would be surprised by the number of artistic projects you could make by recycling colorful autumn leaves. It includes making leaf animal pictures, leaf printing posters, cool autumn wreaths, leaf collectible books, and much more. Just let your imagination flow!

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